I am not on social media other than Instagram, and that is going to end as well. It’s days are numbered with me.

On Instagram, you follow people or groups of your choosing. It’s not like FaceBook. Even though you are presented with suggestions of who to follow based on what you like or comment on, the communication is much different.

I have several interest groups and people that follow. I love the sea and the creatures that live within it. I follow household tips and crafty things. I follow of dogs, babies, country living, health and nutrition, travel, dance, Dudedad, and of course, log cabin life too. But because I am a supporter of law enforcement and I love true patriotism for this country, I see many posts that greatly disturb me. Violence against good people. A corrupt government. Failing governors. Racism. Etc…etc…etc. Hence, one reason for leaving Instagram. I asked my friend for a blog idea and his thought process connected with mine. Respect. Or, maybe more correctly, the lack of

The respect list is long, but the list of excuses for disrespecting another is even longer. There is no excuse. Disrespect is a choice. We chose who to respect and who to not to. Disrespect is the downfall and destruction of our society. Our country’s enemies don’t have to lift a finger, push a button, or flip a switch to harm us because they are watching us destroy ourselves from within.

Disrespect. It starts in the family. Dad disrespects Mom. Mom disrespects Dad. Kids watch their parents disrespect each other, other family members, and those they come into contact with outside of the home. So what children have to build off of is majorly distorted. Impressionable children will naturally follow suit. They disrespect their parents, siblings, neighbors, teachers, coaches, referees, pastors, and employers. Just like Mom and Dad. They find like-minded friends to hang out with and together disrespect other people’s property and lives.

Each of the examples of disrespect are much deeper and deserve more attention than I can give here. But it’s a start.

New life is frequently terminated because someone doesn’t want her life interrupted or inconvenienced. The sanctity of life means nothing to many people. Whether in the womb, or through a partial birth abortion, even after birth…it’s a total disregard for life. It’s blatant disrespect for another person’s right to live upon this earth.

Our elderly are often disrespected by being taken advantage of for monetary purposes, not to mention physically and verbally abused.

The color of your skin (and of mine) should never be the meter on which we measure a person’s worth. We are equal in God’s eyes as He is not a respecter of persons. (Acts 10: 34, 35)

Children are easy prey. Their voices often go unheard. The voice that screams the loudest in my head is that of human/ sex trafficking, not to mention the abomination of adrenochrome. An act so vile that no one should ever sleep again until it’s eradicated from the face of this earth. These are very disturbing issues that no one wants to talk about. But it is happening to children every. single. day. Another example of disrespect for the life of another.

Law enforcement have become targets. There is no longer respect for the authority sworn to protect us. Even our so-called authorities at the highest levels in our land are undermining the authority of our police. Defunding our law enforcement, yet requesting their services on a personal level is beyond corrupt.

Our military, veterans, and our beloved flag are also targets of disrespect. Never before has there been such disregard for those who serve our country and fight for our freedoms. Not one veteran should find himself homeless.

Our cities are being ravished by those with no regard for life or property. Heartless people hurting others under the guise of fake causes and paid for by the elite. They find little to no value in others so they take and destroy. They are easily bought for a price to do unfathomable things. It’s nothing more than disrespect on a massive scale.

Respect. We need more of it. It begins with God and starts with the very foundation of family. Parents…get off your phones and teach your children. Watch your speech, your attitude, and how you treat others who differ from you. Pay close attention to how you handle conflict and tough situations. Your children are watching…and learning.

Respect. As far as authority goes, we are to respect these people as long as they are not going against God’s will. If they are trying to separate us from God or to remove our God-given rights , we have every right to disagree. Just because these people are in places of authority does not mean I automatically respect them. I’ve heard it said that respect is earned. Maybe it is on some level, but not always. I respect God because of Who He is, not because He earned it.

Respect. We need to get down to the very basics of human life and begin there. We need to realize that although we are each significant in God’s eyes, we are also a part of puzzle that’s way bigger than us as individuals. Your life is not worth more than mine. I’m not better than you. We bleed the same. We breathe the same air. And we come from the same God.

Respect. If we want a better world to live in, then make it happen. Don’t wait on the other person to make changes. It starts with you. It starts with me.

Let’s each do our part to make our world a better place to live. ♥️


4 thoughts on “Disrespect

  1. Absolutely spot on. Look at the tv news. How much of today’s problems with those who disrespect law law and law enforcement.


  2. I respect you and this post!

    The Bible didn’t kid nor stutter when it said in the last days man would be proud, lovers of their own selves, disobedient to their parents. Etc..

    Liked by 1 person

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