Life, Part 2

You know, sometimes in life we don’t always make the right choices. We somehow make a wrong turn. Sometimes it’s an intentional move on our part because we don’t like the right choice. We want something right now (self-gratification) and we do not exercise patience. Sometimes the right decision is altered because of something beyond our control, or perhaps hindered by a misconception of sorts.

When I write, sometimes I spend a great deal of time on one concept. Everything has to be just perfect. Everything must make complete sense. Other times the words just flow out of me quickly and with the force of Niagara Falls, and I push post with barely a second thought. And sometimes that gets me in trouble. That’s happened a couple of times in my short blogging history.

Life is complicated. And we humans make it so much more complicated than it needs to be, or should be. I have certainly been guilty of this on occasion. Owning our wrongs is hard to do but it is the right thing to do. So in my writing, if I ever post something that offends or hurts, know these two things: First off, I don’t intentionally set out to hurt anyone. Secondly, I will own it. And if possible, I will make it right.

We often cannot take things back. Wrong words leave scars. They are the most painful of all wounds. But it is frequently said that actions speak louder than words. You cannot see my actions here and I cannot see yours. But going out into the world with a more humbled spirit is still action. A reflection of a changed heart. And God notices.

Life. If everything was perfect here on earth no one would desire Heaven. But that’s not how God designed our world. He created humans. Humans with flaws. Flawed humans who make decisions. Therefore: we live an imperfect world of flawed people looking upward to a perfect Heaven.

Our roadmap is marked with all sorts of stops along the way. We’ve seen beautiful places, met beautiful people, and hopefully, left as a happier, better person. Some stops present us with trials, temptations, and much needed character building. Forgiveness and humility might be the fuel needed to get us going once again down the road of life.

But overall, life is actually pretty good. And everyday is a blessing. Life is complex for sure, but through its complexity we learn what things are truly the most important and meaningful. And actually, these things are found in people.

I’m in a great deal of pain as I still cannot turn my head to the right. Pain is deeply imbedded in my shoulder, clavicle, and neck. C7, to be exact. My youngest told me several times today that I am not thinking clearly. It’s a wonderment of how the power of pain can override the mind. So I hope that this message makes sense. I just needed to write tonight.

Have a blessed week. Know how much I appreciate you, my readers, friends, and family. Life is better because of the people in it. ♥️


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