A Second Chance

I’m going to share a story that only a few people know. I’m not sure why I feel the need to share it with you. I just do.

A second chance…

The surgeon stopped by my room while making his rounds for the day. He told me that my hip replacement was much more complicated than he expected because of the severity of the damage so the surgery took longer than what was planned. I was in recovery longer than expected too.

It seems cruel when they make you get up so soon after surgery. I know there are good reasons for it though. My first time up wasn’t an issue. When the therapist came a second time to get me up, I informed her that I didn’t feel well. She encouraged me to get up anyway. I told her I did not want to. She made me anyway. I took two steps and told her I really didn’t feel well. She quickly sat me down in a chair. How that little therapist got me into my bed, I have no idea. She must have called for help. What I remember next was that I was lying on my back in bed. I couldn’t move or talk. I could hear everything around me but could not respond, verbally or physically. My head was turned to the left and I was relaxed. I was in such a beautiful place of peace. I remember still how warm and comfortable I was and I felt absolutely no pain. It was wonderful. I will never forget how I felt.

There was a woman on each side of me. Although they took turns hitting my chest, I felt no pain. I heard them repeat “She’s not responding. She’s not responding.” I wanted them to leave me alone and let me go. But they wouldn’t stop. I did not want to come back. I was at peace. Let me go. Quit hitting me. Leave. Me. Alone.

Meanwhile, my kids were in the cafeteria a couple floors down. My daughter heard them page the Fast Team to my room. They headed upstairs.

When I finally came back, my room was packed full of people. They kept talking about my color because I had none and it wasn’t coming back. Later, I was told that I had no pulse.

A young nurse (or aid) in tears stopped by my room to check on me. She was upset after witnessing what took place earlier. I told her it was okay and gave her a hug. They didn’t get me up anymore that day and my hospital stay was extended.

A second chance…♥️

Why I had this particular experience I do not know. But it changed my views on some things. Maybe I’m a blockhead and God needed to shake me up a little. But honestly, I guess I do not have to understand the why. I just need to recognize that I was given a second chance. It wasn’t time for me to go even though I didn’t want to come back. I’m here for a reason but not because I am any more special than anyone else. God is not a respecter of persons. But God deals with each of us accordingly. Just like in parenting. Children respond differently although you love them all the same.

I’m not sure why I felt so strongly about posting this. Maybe someone needed to hear it. We are given chances in life. It’s up to us to acknowledge them and accept these gifts.

the day after my surgery

A second chance? Be wise. Accept it. Welcome it. Embrace it. ♥️


2 thoughts on “A Second Chance

  1. I read in Hebrews last night about Him shaking our lives. To wake us up. And, to see just how strong we are. You’re story reminded me of that.

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