Our Beloved Flag

I need to get busy with my studies tonight, but the flag outside my window keeps waving at me and well…of course, I have to pay attention to it. Actually, from my desk chair, I can see three American flags. But this one is special. Not just because it’s right outside my window but because it tells me a story every time I look at it.

This flag is weathered. It’s edges are frayed and ragged. But this flag isn’t complaining that it isn’t perfect. No. This flag earned its imperfection. It’s weathered a great many storms, been frozen in winter, and withstood the heat of the August sun. The wind has tried to whip it into subjection too. But the flag wins. It’s colors are still bold and bright in the sunlight. It still waves with strength and pride.

This flag is a reminder of all that our country has gone through and how strong the heart of country has been for over two centuries. We might be frayed on the outside with the treasonous leadership in our government currently, but the heart of our country is still strong and will not allow our country to die. I believe this. And I have faith that God will bless the good will of the people who fight so hard to protect what is precious to Him.

This flag speaks to me with every glance out my window. It has kept me company over the last few days. I am glad that I can still feel such emotion with all that our flag stands for. I hope you can too.

I’m not ashamed to call myself a Patriot. I love our country and I love our flag. ♥️🇺🇸


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