Stepping Up

Tonight I did something I’m ashamed of.
No…I didn’t do something and I am ashamed.

Tonight, a man berated a woman…badly. In public. Witnessed by his friend. And I was in the background.

This man didn’t talk. He yelled. He verbally abused this young woman and she quietly took it. She was dressed beautifully for a special occasion. It was obvious that she spent a great deal of time to get ready for her evening out. And she was gorgeous. This young man talked about her eyelashes and how fake she was for wearing them. He said she buys her jewelry at Walmart and her skin turns green from cheap earrings and necklaces. He ran down her pretty nails because they are fake. He told her that her hands smell like poop because she doesn’t clean under those nails, because they are fake. He continued on and on, ripping everything about her. Then he would then go back and start at the top with her eyelashes again. His friend just stood there and I remained in the background. Two people who should have stepped up…but didn’t.

She tried to laugh like it was funny but it was solely to hide the hurt. I know this because I know the laugh. I’ve been there.

She said nothing to him and finally walked away. I’m sure she was greatly embarrassed. He paused a moment and then went after her…doing what narcissists do second best…apologize. After they break you they always say I’m sorry.

I didn’t step in. And I’m angry at myself. She needs to be as far away from that toxic, narcissistic man as possible. I failed her.

Next time I won’t stay in the background. My girls know the Mama Bear in me. I stifled that protective bear tonight. Why? A hundred scenarios ran through my head and I did what I do best…overthink. I’ll be ready next time.

Let’s not allow people to suffer right in front of us. Step in. If he treats her this way in public, I cannot even imagine what happens in private. If I would have stepped up…here I go overthinking again…hopefully…it would have made her see the obvious. Maybe she could have pulled some strength from me. Who knows? I had the opportunity and didn’t take it, so I won’t know. As a mom, I let her parents down by not protecting their daughter. And I am sorry.

We should take caring for others to a whole new level. Let’s actually do something instead of saying we will pray about it. I’m not saying prayer doesn’t matter. It most certainly does. I’m saying to do both. God will use us if we allow Him to.

We aren’t just a praying vessel. We are God’s feet. His arms. His voice. His heart. ♥️


15 thoughts on “Stepping Up

  1. I absolutely agree! Evil prevails when good people do nothing.

    Every time a woman is abused, beauty is destroyed. I might esteem women more highly than I should. But after all the years of watching women I know suffer, and seeing everything my wife goes through, I feel the need as a man to address it. Weird for a man to address plus size women and shaming? Yes probably. But we’ve done it for far too long.

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    1. This girl could have been a model. She wasn’t overweight. Not that being overweight is fair game. I know what it’s like to be overweight. That’s why I believe I don’t have a man in my life. She was young and beautiful.

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      1. No woman is safe really. If she’s beautiful, she’s sex to a guy and will be picked like chickens by other women.

        Weight is basically a fetish. I hear it all the time. And oddly enough the first guys to snicker are fat themselves.

        If I may say so, you’re perfect the way you are. That’s just John. But I’m honest.

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  2. Is there anyway this was caught on camera and you could track her down? Maybe it was a good thing you did not respond. This guy sounds dangerous.

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