My Weekend Journey, Part 3

I was able to visit to with friends today. One girlfriend met me at the Riverside Gardens. You know it is a forever relationship when you don’t see each other for years and you can pick up right where you left off after being apart. We had a great visit.

I was able to meet the second friend at his home. He is bringing his dream to life. It was inspiring visit. I hope to return for a longer visit someday.

On from there I went to the main focus of this weekend journey. A surprise birthday party. It was a surprise too as he had no idea. What a great friend this man has been to me for years, actually decades. He was married to my best friend until she passed away. So glad that we have remained friends since then. I know we always will be.

The party was fun. I was able to see more old friends as it was a mini reunion. My day was fun and packed full of bucket list check offs, visiting with good friends, and a birthday party. It was kinda nice to have a plan to go by. It was a good and blessed day. ♥️


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