My Weekend Journey, Part 4

My final entry for my weekend journey. It was a beautiful Sunday. I spent it with a family I love. We sat on a deck in the warmth of the sun. The deck overlooks their pond, the memorial garden, and gorgeous property. We drank our coffee and ate breakfast together. Heaven on earth.

Then I suggested that “my” sweet girl to take her pup out on the kayak. (“She” belongs to my best friend and the birthday boy. But I love her as my own.)

Those two are so cute together. All of my own girls each have their own dog, including me. Every girl should have her own dog in my opinion.

What a gorgeous day. I meant to leave at 3:00 but they asked that I stay until after supper. So I did. Happily.

I had a heartwarming weekend. I didn’t mind the drive at all either. I did feel homesick once I got on the highway headed for home. I have cherished friendships there. It was extra hard to leave this time. But even though I felt sad, I was leaving with my bucket overflowing. And that’s a good thing.

Good memories. Good friends. Lots of love. I am blessed. ♥️


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