My Weekend Journey, Part 2

When checking out at Joanna’s, an elderly gentleman came up to me. He said, “I’m not meaning to sound fresh, but I am so envious of your hair.” I had to chuckle at that. I told him I got my hair from my dad and it is a curse and a blessing. I love the thoughtful consideration of a generation that is almost gone now.

I stopped by the next cafe and got a coffee to go. I’m hitting all my destinations. This is fun. I think I will save the hardest for last. I will drive past my old house when I leave sometime tomorrow.

an inviting pathway

River Gardens. What a beautiful park. The river is so peaceful. It won’t be long before boaters begin to have fun on the river. There was a mallard duck swimming around and he seemed pretty mouthy for being by himself.

a romantic river view for two

I recall how this placed looked when I graduated high school. It’s changed a lot but yet, it is still very familiar. I am content here. So far this journey has been good for my soul.

The seasons typically run about two weeks behind where I live. It looks about the same right now though, but the wind is cold today. Don’t let my pictures fool you. It’s chilly! But, honestly…I do not mind.

This day is good. ♥️


you know how much I love the sky

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