My Weekend Journey, Part 1

I just arrived to my to a place I can call home. A second home. Or, is it a third. Sometimes I feel quite displaced. Where is home to me?

I drove three hours this morning. I left at 7:01. I’m sitting in a diner that everyone speaks of very highly. So it was the first stop on my trip. It’s been on my Bucket List, you know. Joanna’s✔️

As I sit here I look for recognizable faces. We are about 60 now so I’m sure everyone will be a little harder to pick out. I watch the younger people and wonder if they belong to someone I might know.

I have a friend who frequents this restaurant and he has this one-of-a-kind amazing laugh. I can just imagine how his laughter fills this place. Even if you didn’t know him, you’d have to feel good just by being in his presence and around that laugh.

I have a few things on my agenda today before my plans tonight. Just places that I want revisit. Mostly by drive-bys. In a bit, I might get a coffee at another little diner nearby and sit at a beautiful park built long after I moved away.

This trip is somewhat bittersweet. I’ll drive by our home. The last place I lived with my parents. Now my parents are both gone. It was a hard move (transition) from own home north of Chicago to here, an Amish community. Quite a culture shock. But it’s not all bitter, mind you. I feel good. I still have friends here. More than I realized. Our last class reunion almost two years ago rekindled old friendships and created new ones.

So here is part one of my weekend journey. It’s been really peaceful so far. ♥️


BTW…the Joanna’s omelette was amazing.

6 thoughts on “My Weekend Journey, Part 1

  1. Andi. I wish I was there with you. I also wondered if I knew anyone in there when I was there last fall. I had such a good time with you at the reunion. I wish we had more time to catch up. Have fun today!

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