I wrote this poem many years ago when my marriage was coming to an end. I’ve often wondered about posting this but today I felt it was okay. Maybe tomorrow I won’t feel this way.

We were married for over 21 years. I placed my man on a pedestal much to the dismay of family and friends. Not because it was wrong for me to love my husband so intensely, but because they saw all that I thought I was hiding.

Marriage should be magical even with all its ups and downs. I would again put my man up on a pedestal. Only this time it would be the right man. Because the right man would lift me up the same.


The dreaded storm has finally come,
The deepest of the deep sea rages,
Angry winds, all directions from,
Grow angrier, as released from cages.

Within my soul, my pain, my plight,
As the angry winds, out of control,
Toss me about in the dark of night,
I realize I am no longer whole.

Being loved is no small measure,
True love between a man and wife,
Should be the most blessed treasure,
And carry you throughout this life.

But for whatever reasons you can’t love me,
(Those boundaries that keep you from living),
I hope that some day you will see,
That I was truly worth your giving.

But now this great storm has arrived,
And in all it’s anger and fury,
My soul which has been severely deprived,
No longer sees through eyes so blurry.

What shall I do amidst this storm,
With the sorrow I carry deep inside,
To comfort the children I have borne,
And find a place of solace to hide.

How do you and I continue from here,
With the remnants of shredded dreams,
Happily ever-after? Laughed the magic mirror,
Our fairytale was make-believe, so it seems.

Questions bombard my soul both day and night,
Overwhelming my mind like the angry waves,
Of a sea that won’t give up its fight,
Venturing into the deepest of which it braves.

Whatever is decided how our story ends,
Know I desperately tried to love you,
But just as Noah’s first dove he sends,
It came back empty from across the blue.

Andi 2012

12 thoughts on “THE DREADED STORM

          1. You’re welcome!

            I can relate somewhat with you. You’re at what is called the “golden years” and you feel alone, you feel like people are leaving you. I was really young when I felt this way. But things do move on. Maybe the Lord is moving some things out of the way where it’s just you and Him.

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