Blessings in Shades of Green

Tonight on my long drive home from work, I decided to listen to Rod McKuen. My dad listened to him a lot when I was growing up. I loved hearing the old songs as I haven’t listened to this playlist in quite awhile. It gave me peace.

A song came on called Blessing in Shades of Green. I’ve always loved that song. It made me think of all of the green signs of spring I could see on my drive through the country. I knew then what my next blog would be about.

I came home and took pictures around my house. There are so many shades of green, and some with brilliant colors attached. Nature is such a gift.

As I write, I think of other shades of green that I consider to be blessings in my life. And right away I think of eyes. Some eyes in my life are the most stunning shades of green. And these people are truly blessings to me.

Blessings in shades of green. What a lovely, happy color. 💚


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