The Scent of Vanilla

My mother’s house always smelled of vanilla. It was a strong scent too. I think she had several vanilla scented plugins throughout her house. To this day vanilla reminds me of mom.

Saturday I went to my office and painted. The funny thing was I couldn’t smell paint much but there was a dull scent of vanilla. I noticed my office smelling the same yesterday when I went to hang pictures. Today when I went to work, I tried my hardest to focus, but I just couldn’t. I was constantly looking at my phone, you know…waiting for “the” call, or receiving texts from concerned friends and my kids.

Out of the blue, I sent a text to my brother and sister saying, “I want to talk to Mom.” It was then I realized that my office had a much stronger scent of vanilla than in the past two days. In fact, it was very potent. I walk out into the hall. Nope. Came back into my office. Yep. It makes no sense as I do not use artificial fresheners at all. But vanilla is clearly in my office.

I guess there are many things we don’t understand. The mind, too, is very powerful. I won’t fight it, or try to explain it. I will just find comfort in my thoughts of her and feel her loving presence. ♥️


6 thoughts on “The Scent of Vanilla

  1. There will always be triggers that will send you into a tail spin…and out of the blue you will be transported to a different time and place. And some will bring you to tears, while other will bring a quick smile. Saying good bye is never going to be easy, but knowing you will see them again one day makes you yearn for that day. Holding you close as you walk this path, my friend.

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