A Peaceful Sleep

I am exhausted. And I am so sad. But I rejoice that Dad is still here. No real changes from yesterday. But I know that even while sedated, he must be exhausted as well.

Dad, I’m wishing, no…I’m praying, that you have a peaceful sleep this night. I pray your night is filled with sweet dreams of us kids loving on you.

I pray that my brother and sister and Dad’s wife have a peaceful sleep after so many sleepless nights. I pray that tomorrow we are all just a little more stronger.

Goodnight to my precious family. Goodnight and sweet dreams to my readers. Love all those in your life. Mend the broken fences. Hold each other tight and love on one another like there’s no tomorrow. Because maybe there isn’t.

Andi ♥️

Photos: St. Petersburg, a beautiful city

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