Rest…It’s Good for the Soul

What a difference sleep makes. Today was so much better after getting some much needed rest. I feel like a completely different person from yesterday. And…I was able to work a full day.

I am just so thankful for good, sound sleep. Life is so much more manageable when rested. It is certainly good for the soul. ♥️


An Update:

Dad is still about the same with some minor improvements. We are excited about that. He is by far from out of the woods. To go from, “He’s got this”, to “He won’t make it through this day”, to “He has some positive improvements”, is quite a roller coaster ride of emotion. I wouldn’t wish this ride on anyone.

My siblings and I, and my children, are writing notes to Dad/ Grandpa, and his wife reads them to him. Hopefully, he can feel the love even though he is heavily sedated. Maybe love can bring him back.

27 thoughts on “Rest…It’s Good for the Soul

              1. Lol!! I’m just picking on you. We’ve known each other for what? Not even a week and I’m giving you a hard time like I’ve known you for years. You’re special, you get the full John experience lol.

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                    1. You’re fine. 🙂

                      Gonna get off here for a bit. Not dealing with news about my dad well. I need some time. Enjoy your evening. Write about something beautiful tonight.

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