Taco Pillows

What I thought to be a comfort on Night One with my brother has actually become quite an annoyance on Night Two. A hilarious annoyance though. Well, sorta…

My brother fell asleep.

I didn’t realize we were so close to an airport. Are the Blue Angels in formation above our hotel room? Or are we near a train station? Why are they demolishing a building at this late hour? The noises coming from that other bed are in no way human.

My sister shared with me the trauma of her first few nights with our brother and what she does to find an hour or two of sleep at night. So in-between the laughter she taught me how to make a taco pillow.

The pillows here at this hotel are quite fluffy and fairly large. They are probably queen size but seem a tad larger than that. Once these pillows settle though they get rather hard. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced pillows quite like these. My neck disapproves of them.

So the trick to making a pillow taco is to sink your head in the middle of the pillow and move the center fluff to the ends. Then you mold the ends to cover your ears and to fit up along your face. Then if all goes well the pillow will sorta harden. I wasn’t quite getting it so she tried to help get the fluff up around my face. The laughter brought tears as we practically had to scream at each other to be heard. For best results, I found that I still needed to press the pillow next to my face as the noise seeped in through every tiny crevice that wasn’t tightly sealed.

I still didn’t sleep much but it’s okay. I’m glad we are here and the reality is that our time together is quickly coming to an end. We have one more night together. I’ll sleep when I get home. For now, a taco pillow will have to do.


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