We Three

Since I’ve been here in Florida, I’ve found my best writing to be early in the morning while I’m still in bed. This is my first night sleeping in the same room with my brother and sister. When was the last time we three slept in the same room? We were all very wound up and wide awake at 2:00 am. Those two finally calmed down and have gone to sleep. I lie awake here in the dark with my sister resting still beside me. I listen to my brother snore, and frankly, I find comfort in that. We three.

It’s difficult to keep up with Dad’s rapid and constant changes from highs to lows. And now a late night hospital move for more invasive care. You can see the exhaustion in our faces and in our physical movements. We are tired. Our eyes tell on us. They tell our story of love and sadness. And everyday our story deepens and more love is exposed. We truly share a story, we three.

We laugh together constantly throughout our day and now, even through the night. Crying, though, is a common part of our day as well. We take turns with the tears. It’s been a blessing so far that we don’t experience those moments at the same time.

We three. So very different from each other yet so much the same. History binds us together, love keeps us close, and laughter lightens the brokenness.


4 thoughts on “We Three

  1. Your writing takes me right back to several times when our family has been through that same rough, yet sweet, time together. Praying for you all ❤️

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