Growing Up

Today I moved from the B&B to stay with my brother and sister at a nearby hotel. We are totally wiped out today from lack of sleep and the emotional roller coaster that we ride with Dad.

When we got to the hotel, I decided I needed to lie down. My head hurt and my eyes were just so heavy. A nap was calling me. No, it was yelling for me. Just when I got comfortable, my brother started jumping on my bed. Yes, that’s right. My 57 year old brother was jumping on my bed. Then he got off on my bed, hopped up onto his, and jumped over to mine. The whole time I’m laughing and scolding him.

My brother will never grow up. Well, not totally. And that’s okay with me. During this time of trial, he definitely keeps us laughing. I love that about him.

Hang onto as much of your youth as possible. It will help to get through the really tough times. (I really don’t suggest you jump on beds though. Not at 57 anyway.)


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