I was fortunate to stay at a lovely bed & breakfast for the first three nights of my time here in Florida. The home was built in 1912 and is very solid. All of the architecture has been maintained in its original design and it is absolutely stunning. The owners of this inn are charming; perfect hosts. Breakfasts are as beautiful as they are delicious.

While both men are sweet, I had more opportunity to speak with Carlos than Kevin. Carlos is a compassionate man who listened as I spoke of the circumstances surrounding my visit to Florida. On my last morning there, Carlos took the time to chat with me after breakfast about his family, his work, the craziness of our current world, how people need to be touched again and see faces, about loving yourself, finding peace within yourself, and how the right person will find you. And we talked about my father. He spoke with such kindness in his Venezuelan accent and I felt his genuine love for all people.

Carlos knew the heaviness on my heart of not being able to see my dad as of yet. He also knew I had much I wanted to tell my father and that I just wasn’t sure how to say it all. He suggested that I write down all that is on my heart in the form of a letter. He said to take the letter to the hospital and look for a compassionate nurse. Look her directly in the eye, give her the letter, and ask her to read it to my father when the time calls for it. As I writer of letters, I never thought of doing that. It was a wonderful idea. He asked if I needed paper. I did actually. He rummaged through his office and found a notebook. I saw him tear a few pages out. I thought he’d hand me the pages, but no. He kept the pages and gave me the whole notebook. I thanked him. He gave me a hug, wished me all the best, and I left to finish packing.

Life is a gift. And there are many genuinely good people in this world. Carlos is one of them. He is also a flight attendant. I’m sure he’s perfect for that job as well.

I have been greatly blessed this week. I do not take anything for granted. I appreciate all that I have received and am so very grateful.


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