February 1, 2011

For 30 plus years you have been my friend,
Our history goes back to high school,
What secrets we share of a jacket to mend,
And hanging with “the gang” was really cool.

A walk down the aisle, I was the first,
I regret you were not an attendant,
Maid of Honor you’d be if I could reverse,
Of all…there was no one more pleasant.

Three baby boys came in the blink of an eye,
Little blond heads bobbing in a red wagon,
Full of questions about who, and the what, and the why,
These wee little souls filled our lives with such passion.

You remained my friend through my darkest hour,
And in times, when with me, you didn’t agree,
You are more beautiful than a desert flower,
Always loving, forgiving, and faithful to me.

More babies came and blessed our lives,
Oh what beautiful children we made,
Our glory in life as mommies and wives,
Was worth more to us than any amount paid.

Together we’ve shared, we’ve listened, and cried,
We have laughed till you wet your pants,
A tongue thru a ceiling, no one was dry-eyed,
Together, we’ve no need for anti-depressants.

With husbands and parents sometimes we both struggle,
But together we’re never quite really alone,
During our life, many hats we do juggle,
All that we’ve done will never be known.

Our hardest of times came out of the blue,
On a pleasant fall day in September,
How did this happen; it cannot be true,
A phone call I’ll always remember.

Your little blond boy of not long ago,
From a loving mom’s arms was taken,
What life did was cruel; what a curve it did throw,
A nightmare from which we want to awaken.

Although our hearts touch, in a most unique way,
I am helpless in knowing the pain that you feel,
The loss in your soul; a dismal dark gray,
A mother’s languish impossible to conceal.

Forever together, we will face further trials,
Of sickness and loss of family and friends,
We’ll look forward to happy times, joys, and some smiles,
Of moments we share; our love has no end.

Precious Christmas memories in Anderson
Shopping and presents, a yummy cream puff,
Movies and photos; just nothing but fun,
Our time with each other is never enough.

My life, just how empty it would be without you,
You have filled in the crannies and nooks,
In my life you have stayed; you didn’t pass through,
Our friendship, an unfinished scrapbook.

So on this day, this special day,
I wish to celebrate YOU,
For all that you’ve given, I could never repay,
My expression of gratitude is long overdue.

Happy Birthday to you, my dear Chelle,
I wish you happiness, peace, and love,
A beautiful woman, in this you excel,
I cherish my friend, sweet gift from above.


February 1, 1961 – November 1, 2016

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