A Step Back

Today I had a few moments of downtime which I really needed and so appreciated. I put my Andi Do-List aside.

I was drawn to my sunroom. This room was once packed full of green plants and blooming pots. Orchids were my passion and I had many at a time. Now I have just two. This room was such a happy place. A place to relax and unwind. Maybe write a little. A place to dream. A retreat. And then I got distracted with many things.

Digging in the dirt, repotting, pruning, rearranging, watering, etc., was therapy to me. Then the mealy bugs got out of control and I just couldn’t get ahead of them. I had no choice but to remove my beautiful plants. I took them to the fire pit. That was a sad day for me.

But today I am happy to report that the few plants I do have are clean, thriving, and doing very well. It’s amazing how well they’ve done with very little attention from me as of late. Somehow that gives me hope. They definitely gave me some peace today.




I’m not going to disagree with anyone who says that the last few months have been hard. They have been challenging. Disturbing. Trying. Depressing. Discouraging. Confusing. It’s true.

But after visiting my sunroom today I realize that sometimes we need to take a step back into a happy place to reconnect with our innerness. You know…that person who’s been left behind; the part of your soul you actually like.

Nature tends to rejuvenate the best in me. It is my hope that you find that special place in your life where you can take that step back and reconnect with your soul.

Snow is falling now and quite heavily at times. It’s as pretty as a Christmas card. The earth looks clean again. My homemade chicken soup is perfect for a snowy night. I am relaxing tonight with a renewed hope of better days ahead.

I hope your day has been good. Sometimes the simplest things are the most perfect things.

Be grateful for simply things. ♥️


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