The Weeping Willow

And so the Weeping Willow stood
Magnificent in all her glory
Given a sunlit crown to wear
Added an essence to her story

She delighted those around her
And all who came to see
The beauty of her branches
The softness of this tree

She stood so proud, but humbly
Amidst the changing realm
A shelter for her loved ones
With strength she’d take the helm

Often this Weeping Willow weeped
And at times you’d hear her cry
As the howling winds of trials
Rushed thru her, swiftly by

And so through life she stood there
Her branches filled with birdsong
But as lovely as the melodies were
The notes were beckoning her home

For deep within the Willow’s heart
Was a pain that would not cease
It quickly took her life one day
Peacefully, quietly in her sleep

The memories that she left us
In our hearts we’ll hold them dear
The birds still sing her song of love
To reassure she’s always near

We will forever miss that Willow
We are now the ones who weep
Her strength, her love, her beauty, though
Are gifts for us to keep

I’ll love you forever.♥️


Written for my Chelle, on January 31, 2019, in honor of her birthday.

February 1, 1962~🌸~November 1, 2016

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