Turn It Off

Autumn is making her presence known. She is adorning herself with a beautiful array of color. The sun adds extra highlights that change throughout the day. And that brilliant blue sky makes a lovely background. I wish I could tell her to slow down so we can enjoy her just a little longer.

As I sit here on my front porch swing, I realize the need to turn it off. Turn off the struggles of the day, of this year. Turn off the news. Turn off my mind. Soak in the beauty of this evening. Wherever you are, turn it off, and just be.

God designed the world with us in mind. He provided many things within our reach to comfort us and bring us peace. The changing seasons. The coolness of an autumn breeze. The sound of owls in the distance. Even a barking dog. Water rushing over rocks. Crickets. The smell of a bonfire. Turn it all off and turn your senses on. Find comfort in knowing that trials are not forever. They come and go like the seasons. Find peace in your evening. I found mine.

Be grateful for peaceful moments. ♥️


Photos: today’s photos of the woods, the sky, the view from my bedroom window, and this morning’s sunrise, October 8, 2020.

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