Kiss That World Goodbye

After the events of the past two weeks, I finally realized today that the world we once knew is gone. You know…the world that we knew in January and February of this year. We can kiss that world goodbye.

March certainly came in like a lion but September went out like a fiery mythological dragon exhaling its putrid flames into October.

We now live in a world of mass confusion, conflict, anger, and depression. These past two weeks I experienced a depression like I’ve never experienced before in my entire life. Depression from being told I was wrong and they were right no matter what…even though I was diligent to present facts. My voice fell on deaf ears. Humiliation was replaced by anger which tightly wrapped depression like a burrito. Anger from basically being told that I had no say whatsoever in the matter. Anger that I allowed them to make me feel I was beneath them. Anger because they took away my freedom. Who are they anyway? Who are they to tell me how to conduct my personal affairs? My eyes were truly opened. I was stripped of my rights within a matter of minutes. I lost wages. I lost days and nights. I was humiliated. I was treated as though I was mentally incapable of making decisions and judgment calls concerning what is best for myself and the people in my life. Then I was just tossed aside like a piece of trash. My life simply did not matter.

Everyday changes are being made to the many changes already made, and massive amounts of new rules and policies are stacked on top of new rules and policies. No one is able to keep up. And I mean no one. Not one person, group, or organization can give you an answer that is consistent across the board. Contradictions are everywhere. And you…you are nothing to them. You do as you’re told and how dare you question anything. Because no matter how much you try prove the error, they refuse to accept truth. They refuse to acknowledge that the system has failed. You are just wrong…no matter what. The only thing that matters to them is your compliance.

We can kiss the world we used to know goodbye.

My advice to you is to not be silent. Even if you hold a position of authority. Don’t be so eager to do as you are told without knowing the facts and questioning everything. Know your rights. Speak up! Take back the power that you so easily and readily handed over because they convinced you that you don’t know what’s in your own best interest. And you believed them! We all believed them! It’s time to reclaim our life.

And one more thing, seriously…get to the polls and vote. Don’t mail something as important as your voice. Don’t put your voice in an envelope. It’s so not worth the chance of someone dumping it along side the road in order to silence you. Go to the polls. We need to make changes to the system. It is completely broken.

They say that all of this is done in the name of humanity. I beg to differ. Lives are being destroyed one person at a time.

The system is broken. We are broken. We need to recognize this and fix it now.


If I sound angry, it’s because I am. We should all be angry to the point of making positive changes. Don’t use anger for vengeance, retaliation, or for your own purpose. Anger is an energy. Use it wisely.

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