Moving Day

As you may know, I’m a mom of six. It was a privilege to be a stay-at-home wife and mom and home educator during a time when it typically takes more than one paycheck to make ends meet. So I am grateful for the time I had at home with my children. When the topic of children arises, I tell people that I was with them 24/7, but it still wasn’t enough time.

Time moves forward, and for the most part, too quickly. Today, another one of my babies is moving out. Charlie is #5 out of six. Let me tell you that it just doesn’t get any easier. Not for this mom.

Oh, it’s time. I’m not arguing that at all. It’s just hard. You try your best to prepare them for….out there. But still you worry. I believe each of my kids know that I am available no matter what. And that’s the way it should be.

My life has been my children. My oldest is almost 38. I was 38 not so long ago. Or though it seems. Time flies. I still long for the holidays when they were young, for the cow chasing days…and nights, and, of course, our classroom days of singing silly science songs, spelling tests, watching the little ones act out The Indian Child poem from Abeka, and listening to anything from Mozart to mountain music as we studied. Our classroom had a beautiful window with a bench seat. From there was a most brilliant view of the woods as we were high up in the trees. Every season brought us breathtaking magazine quality images for us to admire. And squirrels were always a distraction with their daily circus performances. Our classroom was filled with laughter, song, discipline, and love.

Ahhhh….yes. Today is moving day.
Charlie is moving out.

I love my girl. She just walked into my room. She said, “You aren’t dressed yet.” “No, I’m not”, I responded. “I’m writing a blog.” I scroll my phone screen up and show her the title Moving Day…and then the tears roll down my cheek while I try to laugh. Our hearts melt together. She’s a good girl. And she knows she’s loved.

So I guess it’s time to get up and do this for a fifth time. I’m both excited and nervous for her. It’s a big step…for both of us.

My girl, Charlie. ♥️

Be grateful for precious times with your children.♥️


Photos: Charlie, with view of Lake Michigan; a cute little girl; Charlie and her best friend, Amber; a favorite picture of Charlie and me.

4 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Awwwww….really loved this one…and I could bawl because it brings back so many great memories of homeschooling days.. and how fast time flies

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