It’s Not Easy Sometimes

When I write a blog, I write with my whole heart. I think I’m pretty transparent. I do this not because I am wanting sympathy or a pat on the back. My desire is to connect with the real you, so therefore; I will be real. And if we find we have something in common, how wonderful is that? Then we know we are not alone on this planet.

A few weeks back I wrote a blog called A Fork in the Road. I believed that a fork was beginning to narrow and the path becoming clearer for me to see direction. Well, today while I was on a much needed nature walk to clear my head and take pictures for future blogs, I received a generic email to let me know that I did not get the job I’ve been hoping for. It’s been three weeks of waiting and praying. The news ended my walk and I found an old bench to sit on. Maybe I am old school, but a personally addressed email, or better yet, a personal phone call, would have made this a teeny tiny bit easier to take. Needless to say, the tears of frustration fell like rain on that wooded pathway.

How should I feel about this? I know my age is now a great factor out there in the hiring world. I feel trapped. Vulnerable. Inadequate. Quite sad. Let down. Scared. And…I’m back to having all the many forks in my road.

I will tell you that I’m not mad at God but I’m not understanding His will at this point. I’m feeling pretty lost. Maybe even more so than before. I wish I could understand.

I will continue to ask God for direction in my life. I will continue to surrender all, as difficult that is for me. I will continue to love, praise, and honor Him. I will continue to hope. Maybe He protected me from something I cannot see. I will need to trust Him on this.

But today I’m letting the tears fall. And there are many. Tomorrow is a new day.

Thank you for listening to me. Coffee is good even in the late afternoon. I hope you are enjoying our visit. Now please hand me a Kleenex. 🙂

Be grateful for blessings seen, and those unseen. Maybe this is a blessing. I need to believe that it is. ♥️


Photos: all from my walk today, August 19, 2020

6 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Sometimes

  1. They are missing out, and I’m sorry for them and for you. Keep walking your path and find happiness along the way not when you get to the destination. Hugs Andi ❤️

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  2. Sorry to read this Andi. I know you’re crushed but it is their loss and you’re right, God’s plan is not that job, yet….and may just be bigger & better ❤️

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