…you just need to treat yourself to a little something fun. After feeling somewhat deflated (almost embarrassed) for not getting that job I recently applied for, a medium twist cone perfectly dipped in chocolate, made me feel a tad better. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more perfect cone than this one. I couldn’t help but admire it before taking that first bite. And my girls…ohhhhh, they’d be so proud of me as I only got a tiny bit of ice cream in my hair this time, and a wee little smudge of chocolate on my shirt. I find that pretty amazing. It can be an adventure eating with me. If you dare to, you might consider bringing a cheap flea market rain poncho with you. You know…just in case.

Go out and get yourself a twist cone dipped in chocolate before your favorite ice cream stand closes for the season. It’s coming up fast. Next visit…pumpkin ice cream. Mmmmm. (Well…I say that now but at the last minute I know I’ll order my twist dipped in chocolate…again. That’s just what I do.)

Be grateful for soft serve ice cream dipped in chocolate on a warm summer afternoon. ♥️


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