Question it. Question everything.

Everyday there is a new policy to replace a policy that is barely 18 hours old. There are new procedures. Recommendations. Statistics. Rulings. Compliances. There are new state or federal mandates. Question it. Question everything.

Research every organization, their history, what their beliefs are, how they are supported, and how do they promote the organization…before supporting them. Ask how their donations are spent. Research who receives the donated money from you, the donor, and where it goes once it leaves your hands. You have a right to know how your donated money is spent. Or don’t donate. I believe we would be shocked and angry to know where our good money goes in many instances. Question it!

Question how we got to this place of madness and why the chaos is still continuing. Question the people who are telling you what to do and how to do it. Question the conflicting statistics, news reports, governors, politicians. Question how isolation conquers Covid-19. Why is there such variance between Democratic states and Republican states in regards to violent protests and Covid issues? Why are actors bailing out violent people who have hurt others and/ or destroyed property? Why are legislative bills quietly being drawn up so they can pass without our knowledge? (There seems to be some confusion as to who works for whom.)

Recently, a news reporter was wearing a mask outdoors while filming a segment of a news report. She was in a “hot zone” and seemed to be complying with mask wearing and social distancing. That is until the camera turned off and she immediately removed her mask and walked back to her car. Why does the media intentionally mislead the public? Question it.

And now today. We have a change shortage. How did this happen? Signs at store registers read “Change Shortage: exact change only or use card”. What is going on here? Is there a sudden surge of change hoarders? Or is this an intentional removal of money? Question everything!

The chaos which directly affects us started in March. It’s just too coincidental that all these unbelievable and horrific issues have been happening simultaneously. I don’t understand why more American people do not question why these things are happening and what they are told to do to comply. The government is not our parent. We are not children. Question everything that affects your personal life and livelihood. That’s your right!

This is a touchy subject for sure. But one thing I’ve learned since my divorce is that if I don’t stand up for myself, no one will get up to bat for me. You need to be strong. You need to be knowledgeable, and you need to question everything that affects your life and wellbeing.

I do not have these answers. But I want them. I want everyone to think for themselves and demand answers as well. If everything is kosher, I’m absolutely good with that. But if crooked things are happening then it’s my right to know. Believe me, I’d much prefer that everything be kosher. I think you feel the same.

Thank you for listening to another rant by Andi. I hope this day found you happy, healthy, and safe. Have a great day tomorrow.

Be grateful. ♥️



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