When your heart is troubled,

…remember that God is still in control.

…be reassured that not everyday will be this hard.

…double up on prayer.

…take a nap. Or two.

…take a nature walk.

…find comfort that God knows your pain.

…realize that life isn’t always fair.

…rock away on your front porch swing.

…remember that through patience the best is worth waiting for.

…pray for those you love.

…spend time with a child.

…spend time with the elderly.

…invite a friend over for coffee.

…cry. It’s okay to cry.

…pray for your enemies.

…read the Bible.

…pet your dog.

…hug someone.

…ask God for understanding.

…write a poem. Or a blog.

…continue to dream.

…don’t lose hope.

…make a fruit pizza.

…ask God for a little more patience.

…sail the seven seas.

…pick some wildflowers.

…watch the sunset.

…tell someone you love them.

…realize you may never have the answer.

Thank you for spending some time with me again. Coffee is on and Grandpa brought us donuts this morning.

Be grateful today, even with all its challenges.♥️


Photos: flower pictures were taken on the town square, July 8, 2020; porch swing with a glass of wine, July 2019; sailboats on Lake Michigan, September 2010; sunset, January 2020

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