A Happy Place

St. Joseph, Michigan
North Pier Lighthouses

I found this wonderful place in the fall of 2010 and enjoyed it so much that I have shared it with two of my daughters (so far) and with my friend, Chelle. My youngest is anxiously awaiting for our trip which is supposed to be this summer. We will see if it can happen.

This beautiful little touristy town has much to offer. The beach alone, with its amazing sunsets, is enough to warrant a visit. I do know the lake has been quite angry for months now and the Michigan coastline has suffered serious erosion, as has the Illinois coastline, so I am not sure what condition the beach is in now. But the town is quaint and very artsy. There’s a restored carousel near the beach too. Amtrak has a little station there and the tracks go over the channel on a swing bridge. I’ve never seen one before but it fascinates me. Walks on either of the piers are a highlight. Needless to say, my girls have fallen in love with my happy place.

looking toward the beach
indoor carousel on the right
one of many beautiful sunsets

I look forward to going back many more times. It’s just a very good thinking spot as Pooh would say.

I thought I’d share sweet memories with you today. I’m enjoying my coffee as I write. Thank you for joining me.

Be grateful. ♥️


Photos: all mine 🙂

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