Sentimental Attachments

I find sentimental value in many things. Maybe more than I should. I don’t know…I’m just kinda mushy that way.

jar of pine cones, rocks, bark, and evergreen
from Maine

I have a hard time getting rid of things that bring back a good or loving memory. I have a few toys from when I was a little girl, school papers, gifts from my kids, gifts from friends, precious things of my mom’s (including her wedding dress) and a variety of keepsakes that belonged to my sweet Chelle. I have a skunk collection that I still add to whenever I can. A few meaningful Willow Tree figurines. A very small Pooh Bear collection. Certain clothes bring back good memories. Books. Sand and shells from Florida and Michigan. Pine cones, bark, and rocks from Maine. More rocks. Log cabin magazines. Baby things that belonged to my children. DVDs. Snowmen. A few Christmas decorations. Just so many treasures. It is going to be difficult to go through these things but it’s time for me to downsize. I’m not looking forward to that task.

some of my skunk collection

I have sentimental attachments to certain scents too. For example, one of the best smells EVER is a breakfast of bacon and eggs cooking over a campfire. That brings back wonderful memories of camping with my family. Then there is the scent of peonies. The bushes lined the driveway of my great uncle’s house in Minnesota. There were so many pink peonies that the whole yard smelled wonderful. My son, Nathan, once planted a lilac bush outside my bedroom window so I could smell the fragrance in my room when the wind blew. I loved it.

My mom wore certain perfumes like Charlie, Jovan Musk Oil, and Wind Song. Those will always remind me of her. My dad smelled good too when wearing Old Spice. Certain foods, laundry products, soaps, and the smell of leather make me happy. There are many scents associated with such wonderful memories.

great books

Music has always been a very important part of my life. I have my father to thank for that. Waking up at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning to the Beatles Abbey Road or Pinball Wizard by The Who was not welcomed then but very appreciated now. My mother loved Johnny Mathis, The Brothers Four, and many others who sang on her Christmas albums.

John Denver was instrumental in helping me to discover my love of writing. America filled my teenaged mind with dreams of wild adventures and romance. The Steve Miller Band was a favorite and The Eagles were the best. These musicians were the just first of many more to come that helped to shape my life. I love and appreciate a variety of music now. Andrea Bocelli, Keane, Coldplay, Kevin Sharp, Jack Johnson, MercyMe, Casting Crowns, Daughtry, Mink DeVille, and so many others. Can’t go wrong with the music of the 70’s and 80’s, country (except for some of the new stuff), oldies, classical, and mountain music. I think the only music I prefer not to listen to is rap and opera. Music will always be important to me.

I also have attachments to special people. And believe me, I do get attached. You know when you first meet someone and you feel a peace wash over you? I love that. And it usually holds true that the relationship will last. I think it has something to do with their eyes. A window to their soul perhaps? I believe so. Hang onto those special people. Then there are those I’ve met where I knew immediately that we could never be best friends. Maybe not even friends at all. And that has been proven to be correct over and over in my life. I may have learned that the hard way a few times. Going against my first impression/ instinct hasn’t worked in my favor.

one of my treasured Christmas ornaments
on my favorite nature-themed tree

Is it wrong to have sentimental attachments? I don’t think so. It’s all a part of who we are. I say embrace them. Reflect on them periodically. Don’t live in the past but be grateful for the good memory. It’s a gift.

Thank you for coming back so soon. I have so much to say and the desire to write is strong. I wish I could write all day…but then I’d go hungry.

Be grateful for sentimental attachments. They are a blessing. Embrace the people and memories they are attached to. ♥️


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