The Human Spirit

The human spirit is resilient. It is stronger than steel, yet more fragile than a rose petal. It strives to live, to pursue, to overcome, to heal, to give, to forgive, and to love.

Throughout my life, and yours too, we’ve seen the face of the human spirit on many people and in an array of circumstance.

We’ve witnessed national disasters and have seen both the strengths and weaknesses of the spirit when lives are lost, property destroyed, as first responders respond, and survivors prevail.

Soldiers in combat witness things that can never be erased from their minds and then come home to live a “normal” life amidst the nightmares and scars. Many succeed. Too many do not.

Nurses, doctors, and first responders work long, hard hours fixing, mending, saving, and losing lives. They leave the trauma, pain, and sadness at the door, stepping over the threshold and into their loved ones’ arms.

There are those who do the-almost-impossible when they are in survival mode. Determination of the human spirit to stay alive or to protect another can create a super hero.

Love empowers our spirit to do amazing things, but sometimes our projected love just isn’t enough when another’s spirit is severely broken. Too often, the human spirit gives up when the soul feels utterly defeated, or when it no longer feels it has purpose, or can no longer live with emotional or physical pain. Others can love this person with all their being, but self-love and healing is just as important. That’s when specific intervention needs to take place.

The fragility of the human spirit is evident in many situations. A child who is bullied at school, or even worse, abused by the hand of a parent. A mother with children abandoned by her husband. A veteran lying on a piece of cardboard in an alleyway. Adult bullying. A broken heart. A man being denied parental rights because our laws are often twisted. The tragic death of a loved one. Divorce. Suicide.

But the human spirit is resilient. It turns on and off with each circumstance. It shifts gears when we need it to. It gives us fight. It fills us with compassion. It truly doesn’t want us to give up or give in. The human spirit wants to live.

Our mindset, and of those around us, can strengthen or deflate our spirit. Feed it positivity. Fight addictions. Strengthen relationships. Seek help when needed. Love one another and build each other up. Love is the strongest force in anything on this earth. It comes from above; therefore, it is perfect. Love can mend what missiles cannot. Love empowers the human spirit. When you observe someone with a broken spirit, a kind word can do amazing things to lift them. Helping others will strengthen your spirit as well.

It’s easy to get lost in life today. We move too quickly and are way too busy. But hopefully, we will learn from our sheltering-in-place that we need to slow down. Relationships are the most important in life. Be ever so observant of the condition of your spirit and of the spirits closest to you. Feed their spirits love. Be mindful of the things that weaken the spirit. Fix what you can. Get help when you need it.

Thank you for sharing a cup of coffee with me. I am so glad you stopped by.

Have a wonderful day. And be grateful. ♥️


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