The Covid Writer

a canvas print in my home

I want to write more now than ever. It’s not that I have more time on my hands because I actually have a great many projects that I should be doing at home during this downtime. But ideas and topics for blogs keep popping up in my head. Maybe because I have been going through boxes of things that have been stored away. But honestly, I don’t think I could possibly run out of topics to write about. Once in a great while, I hit a writer’s block (which is the oddest feeling ever), but I just give it a minute. It comes back with vengeance and then I can’t keep up.

I believe this surging urge to write is related to Covid19 and the sheltering-in-place. It’s pretty quiet at home and I’m here a lot more. I still work as my job is essential. But I come home and stay home. There is a dramatic increase in readers of my blog because more people are at home now. And this excites me. I have a captive audience. (Insert laugh track) Not that I am a first class writer, but it is my hope that these simple blogs encourage, inspire, and entertain you enough to keep you coming back. Maybe I am “The Covid Writer” today. Hopefully, I’ll become “The Post-Covid Writer”, because you will still want to come back. Hopefully.

These blogs do have a significant purpose. I write for my children and grandchildren. I started writing my life story over a year ago. I wanted it in book form to pass onto them. I sorta put it away for now but I intend to work on it again. When I get to certain places of my life one memory leads to another and another until I am so overwhelmed at what to write, and what is not so important, that I have to walk away from it for awhile. I just want to write it all and I can’t possibly. I don’t want memories to be lost forever when I pass. Not that my life is more special than anyone else’s. It’s just that it’s my life and a part of their history. I guess I should have started writing my book when I first learned to write my name. These blogs though are bits and pieces of my life, and of my deepest thoughts. Most definitely, it is my heart.

Thank you for stopping by today. The coffee is done perking so I need to grab a cup and reflect a little on this day before getting started. A late start. It is my day off and there’s so much to do in my yard and in the basement….blah blah blah. But between you and me…I’d rather spend the day writing.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Hopefully, the sun is shining as it is here this morning. Get some fresh air. Be grateful for this day and the many blessings in it.

Pour yourself cup. There’s plenty. ♥️



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