Heavenly Connection

It was a rather difficult day and I came home feeling quite depleted. I shared with my son, Jet, through text, some of the happenings of this day. He returned my text, but his message was not anything about this day and it’s hardship. No, he knew that I needed something more. Something more spiritual. Something to distract from the day.

“Take a moment to step outside to look at the Pink Full Moon tonight. It marks the first day of Passover. It will give you some peace 🌝.” —Jet

So I did. My daughters and I went outside and stood in the backyard. We saw the moon in all its glory. And we were in awe.

As I watched the moon rising over the field behind our house, I started to think about how the moon connects people. No matter where you are we all see the very same moon. Sometimes even at the same time if the conditions are just right. Best friends separated by a quarantine. A trucker, miles from his family. A marine deployed across the sea. Lovers, separated by time and fate. A mother and son separated by disagreement. The moon is a constant and it is also a connection of hearts.

Charlie, my daughter, quickly found the Big Dipper. Then I thought about how the Big Dipper of tonight is exactly the same as when I was just a teenager, admiring it with my friends. How cool is that? The heavens not only connect people of today. The heavens connect all people, of all generations, even from the beginning of time. All the events of Biblical times took place under this same heavenly body. I find that intriguing.

Pink Full Moon
Photo credit and courtesy:
Gabriel Rojas Vargas
La Fortuna, Costa Rica

I asked Jet if he would take a good picture of the moon for me and then I would write a blog tonight. But he saw this amazing photo taken by his friend in Costa Rica, and asked if I could post it with my blog. His friend said yes. And it really is an exceptional photo.

I guess I didn’t have a whole lot to say tonight. But I just couldn’t let a beautiful full moon slip away. Sometimes we need to reconnect with nature in order to refill our bucket. I suggest we all do that daily.

Thank you all for stopping by. I appreciate it so much! Thanks, Jet, for getting me outside tonight; for knowing and understanding. And a special thanks to Gabriel Rojas Vargas for the amazing photo.

Enjoy the moon. Embrace the connection.

And always be grateful.♥️


Please pray for all those who are exhausted tonight and who can’t be home with their loved ones because of COVID-19. The health care workers, those who are sick, and those who keep our world running while we shelter-in-place. May you all get the rest you need and the strength to continue. ♥️

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