Heavenly Connection, part 2

Last night’s blog was one that came to my mind quickly and needed to get out before the full moon ended. There was so much more though, that could have been said in that blog that was not, so I’ve added a part 2.

With the title being “Heavenly Connection”, you may have had other ideas of what my blog was going to be about. I talked about the heavens in reference to the moon and stars, the sky and all contained in the universe. But heaven goes so much further than that.

Pink Full Moon
April 7, 2020

There is a heavenly body above us. But beyond that is the heaven referenced in the Bible. A place prepared for those who love God with an obedient heart. A love that will stand the test of time. And we have been provided a connection between us and Him. Jesus is our Mediator. He intercedes for us through prayer. Our Heavenly Connection.

a beautiful sign of spring

As you know from past blogs, I often refer to “connecting with nature”. This is very important and necessary, because inside of nature, peace and rejuvenation can be found. I’d like to expand the thought on this just a little bit further. What is this “magic” in nature that heals our soul, fills our senses, and renews our spirit? Well, I believe it goes back to the Creator of nature. God created a perfect balance for us to live in and enjoy life on this planet. He provided all that we need in order to eat, to drink, and to build, etc. He gave us a variety of landscapes to admire and conquer. He provided vegetation for food, for building material, for beauty, and for fragrance. He gave us oceans to sail with their salty sea breezes. And He strategically placed varieties of animals and other creatures throughout the earth. He gave us all that we need for survival, but also for our emotional and mental well-being. And quite possibly, our spiritual well-being. God knew how hard life would be, so He handed us a flower. He designed nature to ground us, and it’s beauty, to give us pleasure. A welcome break from the stresses of life. And when we get close to nature, I believe we become closer to the God. I think this is why we feel peace, comfort, and rejuvenation. Another heavenly connection.

love my ground cover

I so appreciate you reading my posts during the quarantine. The number of readers per day has gone up and that makes me happy. No worries though! I have plenty of coffee to go around. While others ravaged the toilet paper aisle, I bought coffee. ♥️



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