A Day of Remembrance & Renewal

green grass, spring flowers, budding trees
the earth is awakening

Today is Easter Sunday. He has risen. Today is a day of remembrance, of renewal, and of a new beginning. Since Easter arrives during our spring season, we can relate to the awakening of the earth. Robin eggs, daffodils, green lawns, and budding trees, all remind us that the earth is very much alive.

Easter should be an awakening of our soul and spiritual life, as well. And every Sunday, since that glorious day when Christ overcame death, should be set aside as a constant reminder that Jesus died for us and rose from the grave…and that He is still very much alive.

Thank you for visiting me on this Easter Sunday. May you rejoice in the renewing of your spirit and find peace and comfort in the knowledge that Jesus is still with us.

Of course, the coffee is still on. It’s always on for you, my friend. ♥️


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