I am currently working on several blogs but I wanted to stop those for a moment and reflect on this day…once I figured out what day it is. Losing track of time is a normal basis for me. Working sporadic days throughout the week keeps me in a constant state of confusion. (Or…maybe it is just me.) But now with this sheltering-in-place and all the changes at work, home, and in public, my mind is nothing but a confused, hot mess. I am never on the right day. Never ever ever…

So I worked yesterday and am off today. What day is it? I don’t know. When did the trash go out? How many sleeps ago was that? I don’t know. I look at my Fitbit and I see it is April 5th. What day of the week is April 5th? I don’t know. April?! When did March end? I don’t know that either. I’m guessing it was five days ago. I thought that March was never-ending but I see April is just a continuation of the craziness. A friend of mine works every other weekend. He said he was working this weekend and I asked why since he just worked last weekend. No…he corrected me. It’s been two weeks already. What?! Can you see where I’m going here? I am freakin’ lost.

Well, my phone had the answer I needed. And while I despise having to rely on it for so much, it’s better than me wandering around aimlessly day in and day out. It is what it is, especially in this current time of confusion. (But even my phone has a tendency to mess up. Maybe possibly related to falling out of my back pocket and into a public toilet. Not that a public toilet is different from a private toilet. There’s just a tad bit more “ewww” that goes with it. I had it for just a week when that happened and it hasn’t been working quite right since and, actually, is getting worse. Much of what I type comes out in alien. I don’t know alien. Just a jumbled combination of repetitive letters and spaces. Auto-correction is off too. It’s quarantine, not quarantene, like it keeps telling me is correct. So I need to double check my “reliable” source for correctness. Sometimes that comes after a posted blog. Oops.)

But after verifying my source with other sources, I did discover what day it is. And although it surely doesn’t feel like it all of my resources agree. Today is Sunday.

Sunday. The Lord’s Day. The first day of the week. A day to reflect on the One who gives our life purpose, direction, and meaning. A day set aside to appreciate all that God has given us. Even though many of us may feel pretty battered right now, blessings still abound. A day of thanksgiving for the precious hope poured out upon all the earth through His Son. This is a day of renewal. Today is Sunday.

beautiful stained glass window
St. Ann’s Episcopal Church/ Stone Chapel
Kennebunkport, Maine

With all the chaos running rampant today, and, of which, the end is not yet in the horizon, we still need to take care of spiritual matters. This should be a priority even during the “easy” times. We need to maintain our focus. Remember Who is in control. Do our best to be the best possible. Give what we cannot control to God, and ask for guidance with those things that are in our control. Pray. Use this day to mentally and spiritually regroup in preparation of this new week. And refill your bucket.

Thank you for stopping by on this Sunday. Always be grateful. There is nothing more beautiful than a thankful and loving heart. If it’s beautiful on the inside, it will radiate to the outside. ♥️

beauty on the lawn
St. Ann’s Episcopal Church
Kennebunkport, Maine

This morning I have had two large cups of espresso coffee. (Let’s see how many blogs I can crank out today.) There is plenty for you too. Sorry, I do not have decaf. 😬


My blogs will also be reminders to pray for (and help, if possible) all those who are working the front lines today. Many are tired and wore out, with no end in sight. Their faces are bruised and breaking down from wearing masks. Their ears are breaking down as well. They run out of supplies and PPE, yet they try hard to make do. Meanwhile, the people keep coming. But they, the health care workers and first responders, continue to show up for their shifts and then take on even more. They are scared. They miss their families and don’t want to bring anything harmful home to their loved ones. Their minds are on focused on keeping themselves virus-free, which is a job in itself. So please pray for them. Thanks to all those working behind the scenes too. For example, many women, men, and children are making homemade masks while in quarantine. It is wonderful to see people coming together to fill a need. Find ways to ease the burden of another. Thanks for all you do. ♥️

St. Ann’s Episcopal Church
Kennebunkport, Maine

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