The Quietness of a Quarantine

I stood in my driveway late tonight after taking the trash out to the street. The quarantine has brought with it the peaceful element of quiet. The only sound I could hear was the train as it rushed through our sleepy little town. No cars. No trucks, sirens, or planes. No dogs barking in the distance. Only quietness.

I could smell the remnant of a bonfire from somewhere in the neighborhood, mixed with the misty scents of grass, dirt, and trees. The cool breeze played with my hair, kissed my cheek, and filled my soul with hope, as spring is the season of hope and renewal and promise.

The sky was fairly bright and I could see a few stars far above the thin, wispy clouds, floating aimlessly, without care or direction. The moonlight cast dark shadows of leafless trees across my driveway. And I stood there, taking it all in, not wanting to move, and wishing that time would stand still just this once. No hurry to get inside. No alarm set to wake me for work in the morning. No where to go. No reason to leave. This was a moment to cherish. I was filled with such gratitude. And I needed to share this moment with a friend. So I did.

There’s much to be said about the quietness of a spring moonlit night during a quarantine. Look for the good in the bad no matter how small it may appear. Goodness is never trivial. Treasure what you find as it is a gift for your soul and strength to your spirit. We need those little gifts.

Pray for those who need to be strong this hour. There are so many. Goodnight to all.


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