Getting Up

Many of the hardships we experience are directly related to the choices and decisions we’ve made. Some are not. Like today and all the craziness in this world. Many are being knocked down of no fault of their own. This can be most difficult, frustrating, and humiliating. Find peace in knowing that this is just temporary. Search for all the resources available to you. Reach out to friends and neighbors. Now is not the time to be shy. Don’t go without. There are so many willing to help. And please, do find the time to enjoy and appreciate what is in front of you. The simple things. We have the time now to see with our heart and that is most important. But should you be knocked down, I encourage you not to give up, but….


My topic for today is about NOT giving up. I’m asking you not to give in to a bad day, or circumstance, or because of the meanness of another person. Believe me, I know how hard it is. I allowed my days to be ruled by an ugly situation and/ or the unkindness of another. I allowed people to steal time from me because I took to heart their cruel words, and that became my focus. I was an easy target to crush and some took advantage of that. My spirit was weakened and I felt worthless. I’ve had much to overcome and moments where I just didn’t think I could do another day. But I did. I hope with all my heart that I didn’t make others hurt the way I’ve been hurt. But maybe I did. And if so, I hope they were able, like me, to….


(And forgive.)

a beautiful thinking place

We all make mistakes. We make bad choices and super bad decisions. But we only fail when we do not learn from these experiences. Even if we honestly try to be that better person, we can still get knocked on our butt. What makes all the difference in the world, between failing and succeeding, is whether we get up or not.


I am human. I am a sinner. I will fail you from time to time as your friend, your coworker, as your daughter, your sister, your aunt, or your mom. Don’t give up on me. Especially when you see me falling down for the same reason, over and over again. I know that’s hard to witness. Just know that I am honestly trying.


a favorite place of mine
Pointe Betsy Lighthouse, Michigan

I am my own worst critic. No one can run me down, belittle me, chastise me, or do more emotional damage to me than I can do to myself. And believe me, I do. Even so….


Though I may have let you down in the past (or may sometime in the future) never doubt my intention, or my love. The ability to love is both amazing and a blessing. To love is a gift from above. I am so thankful that I can love, and do so with great passion. But most importantly, I am grateful that I am loved by others, and because of that love….


a happy place
North Pier Lighthouses
St. Joseph, Michigan

Please do not let the events of today ruin your tomorrow. It’s okay to feel the emotion. It’s okay to cry. But be strengthened. Know that we are all experiencing difficulties today and that you are not alone. Above all, be grateful.

Thank you for being here. I appreciate it more than you know. Pour yourself another cup of coffee, put your feet up, and take a deep breath. Relax. Reflect. Meditate. And then…get up. ♥️


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