Do What You Love…

a stone I found in a creek bed

There’s a saying “do what you love, love what you do”. While many probably look at this the way I did at first, I don’t necessarily believe this is only referring to a dream job that provides you with a living, although it’s great to be able to do that. I think it goes beyond than that. I believe it covers many aspects of our life.

Are you architect who designs beautiful parks and malls? Or a photographer who can capture a wondrous scene in a droplet of water? Do you write children’s stories or self-help guides? Are you a doctor who donates time, money, and materials to make sure a community is generously covered with health care? These are all wonderful talents and gifts to share with others and when they are backed with love, the results and rewards are amazing. When you are good at something, most likely, you do it with love.

What if you feel you are “just a mom”? Or maybe you’re that tired dad who works extra odd jobs after work to make sure his family has what they need? These people are not any less important than those mentioned above. No. This whole concept relies totally upon attitude. Not on what we do specifically.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE…just as that dad with those extra jobs. He is doing what he loves and that is caring for his family. So no matter if he’s cleaning out sewer lines, or mowing someone else’s yard, he’s loving his family first. Sometimes you have to look past the job to its purpose. The purpose is where you find the love.

Being a mom and caring for children is hard work and it is ever-so tiring…but hopefully, YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Concentrate on doing it well. Your efforts will bless you later as your children will reflect to the world the love and time you gave to them. Look past the work involved in children rearing to see the purpose. The purpose is where you find the love. Love what you do.

my dad, me, and my three oldest children
fall of 1992

When I was a young mom, I went through a phase of frustration. I was a stay-at-home mom. I homeschooled my children. I gave of myself 24/7. I wanted to know when my life was going to start. When was MY time? I was so focused on myself I didn’t see what was right there in front of me. MY LIFE. And there were several pairs of young eyes staring back at me. I finally realized that I was right where I was supposed to be and that God was blessing me with the responsibilities of raising a family. I accepted this revelation wholeheartedly, stopped fighting it, and became very satisfied with my mom status. I then began doing what I loved and I actually loved what I was doing.

two of six

Don’t just take everyday as it comes. Put a little effort into planning and being creative. Discover what it is that you love to do and dive in. It may include multiple activities and interests. It might be taking care of others or raising children. Just do it all with love. Godly love. And it will bless your life and of those in your corner of the world. Do what you love and love what you do.

Did I make you think a little deeper today? Attitude is key. Look for the purpose to find the love.

Thanks for stopping by! Today I added a little coconut milk to my coffee. Delicious! ♥️


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