Don’t Fret

Don’t fret what you don’t understand. Some things don’t need answers.

Even though I think I absolutely have to know answers, to my many questions, in order to make sense of my life, God has shown me otherwise. I‘ve had to learn something about patience. Quite a bit, actually. And also about letting go. I know I talk about this frequently. It has been monumental in my life. But it’s all part of the process. You see, nothing makes me more irritated than waiting. Waiting for something to happen. Waiting for an answer. Waiting for someone. Waiting on God. Waiting for acknowledgement. Waiting for validation. Waiting for an apology that never comes. Waiting, waiting, waiting…So when you wait without ever getting answers, you learn patience. And then after awhile, you just start letting go. Not sure what has been the harder lesson, patience or the letting go.

a trivia game
not knowing the answers to these questions
doesn’t bother me at all 🙂

Like a young child, I want to know why, why, why. But I’ve had to let numerous unanswered answers go. And many times there is pain in revisiting the question. So when I think of something painful, I have to quickly replace that thought with a more positive one. It works…most of the time.

But do you know what? Life goes on. It absolutely continues without having all the answers. Apparently, I don’t need them after all. I can only assume that you don’t need all the answers either. I am also going to assume that we are better off not knowing the answers to many of the questions we have.

So maybe it is best not to fret what we don’t understand. Understanding will find its way to you if it’s meant to be. We have to believe that.

Thank you for coming to see me today. You are just in time. The coffee is still hot!♥️


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