Listen to Your Kids

My plan is to periodically include in my blog, a series of life lessons taught to me by my kids, called “Listen to Your Kids”. The lessons taught were unintentional in manner, but have served a great purpose in my life.

I think sometimes we adults get so caught up in the swiftness and busyness of life, that we fail to recognize the tiny moments that are actually quite large and meaningful. These are the highlights in my life.

I am mom to six children. Three boys and three girls. Yes, they are all mine. I homeschooled them all and while our schooling was far from perfect, they amazingly filled in the blanks on their own. They’ve gone on to do special things with their lives. They taught me so much over the years and I will joyfully share some of these lessons with you.

Thank you for your patience as I prepare these future posts. I actually wrote my first one awhile back which I have renamed. “Listen to Your Kids, LL (Life Lesson) #402.

I am a very blessed mom (and grandma) and I cannot wait to start sharing more with you.

Thanks for being here! It means so much to me. ♥️


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