Willowfield Lavender Farm
a happy place

Being single is very difficult for me. There’s no doubt about it. It’s not my preference to be alone but it is what it is right now, and I have to be fine no matter what.

My past reflects that I’ve searched in error for happiness (and approval) from men in order to fill a certain void in my life. I thought a man could “make me happy” and fill the emptiness in my heart. So I searched in vain for this love, which has led to a mostly deeper sense of loss, loneliness, along with heartache. I’ve taken the time to think more seriously about this over the past year or so because, frankly, I’m just tired of the heartache. I had to evaluate my own thought processes which unveiled the reason behind this continual cycle of pain. Now, hopefully, I am able to break the cycle. I travelled these years without guidance in these sensitive matters of the heart, so if I can help one woman, or one man, realize the anguish in continuing on this destructive path, I would feel blessed.

Happiness has to come from within. Relying on anyone to make you happy will only disappoint as we fail each other all the time. It happens because we are not perfect. But that’s okay. Knowing that you can still be happy by yourself is a good thing. Being secure in your own happiness allows you to love more deeply and with more com(passion).

happiness has to come from within

It has been a long, rough road for me to truly understand this concept. Others can bring joy “to” you, but your source of happiness has to come from within. Does this mean I don’t desire to have someone in my life? No. Because I do. I just don’t have to be unhappy while I am alone. I wish I would have understood this a long time ago as it would have alleviated a lot of heartache over the years. It is never to late to learn.

Thank you for stopping by today! Coffee is on and it is one of those things best shared with a friend. ♥️


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