Acadia National Park
October 2019

As many of you know, I fell in love with the state of Maine. I have been there several times and I have friends who call that lovely state “home”. I am surprised around every corner and from every mountaintop at the beauty contained within its borders. The fresh air, the picturesque views along Greenville Rd. (Hwy 15) in the fall, the rocky coastline, the mountains, the lighthouses, lobster boats, rivers and streams, the wildlife….etc., all take my breath away…and I want to stay there forever. I learned so much about myself as I wandered around the state. I have told my children and friends how I would move there in a heartbeat if I could. But now realization has kicked in and that dream is no longer a dream of mine. Sadly, I may have taken my last trip there. Well…maybe I can still visit.

October 2019

I did tell you that I would not be political in my blog so I am going to gently tip toe around it without stirring up already very muddy waters. But when a state chooses to blatantly disregard parental rights, I have to disagree. Our country is not a “one size fits all”. Never has been, nor will it ever be. No matter how hard our government tries to force all the pieces to fit into their so-called puzzle, we will never fit. That’s how individual we are and that’s what sets us apart from other countries and makes us strong. If it is forced, we cease to be free. We were granted rights through our Constitution. Rights to be individuals and allowed to choose what is best for our families. The family unit is the foundation of society. When there no longer remains individual families because it is replaced with government-ruled families, society will crumble. And we’ve all read about (and watched) the horrors that come with that scenerio in other countries. This is one of those situations where we should watch and learn from others (countries) so we don’t make the same mistakes.

I know that Maine is just one of many states challenging the Constitution. I know I cannot run away but I don’t have to purposely move to a place where I don’t feel I’d be welcome either. I am greatly saddened with this new revelation. It was, after all, my dream.

Moosehead Lake, Maine
October 2019

These are my thoughts, my opinion. Not sure if this was subtle enough or if I need to apologize for crossing a line I said I would not cross. If I wanted to be political, I would bombard you with blogs constantly. I choose not to do that. I didn’t get technical. I just felt compelled to write this because Maine was a dream of mine. And dreams are my passion.

Thank you for stopping by today. And, yes, I will have a cup of coffee with you! ♥️


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