Italian Serenade

Casoli, Italy

There is a video circulating on social media of quarantined Italians singing to each other from their homes. Their beautiful voices flow through the night air above the empty streets and alleys. I don’t even know the perfect words to describe what is happening between the people. It’s so much more than beautiful. Serene. Comforting. Connecting. Touching. Loving. Hopeful.

my window view

I remember visiting my dad’s place in Italy where his home sits up high on the mountain next to the castle, or what is now a Catholic church. There were only bars and shutters on my bedroom window. I opened the shutters to a beautiful sunny day. I believe it was my first day there. The swallows flew up high, darting here and there. And below someone was playing music. I assume it was a record or CD, but it was just as real as if it were a live performance. The beautiful male Italian voice wafted up to my window and throughout the village below. I sat there at my window listening to a lovely voice I did not understand, while admiring the countryside of mountains dotted with homes, olive groves, and grape arbors, and the Adriatic Sea in the far distance, and I thought how I never wanted the moment to end. Ever. That is one of my most favorite memories in Italy, and in my life.

I can only imagine the many emotions you’d experience as you listen to your neighbors serenade through the night during a most trying time. I have to believe it only brings them closer together as a people. I have a soft spot in my heart for Italy. I hope we can pull something good from this to bring us closer together as a people and a nation.

Casoli, Italy

Let’s keep calm. Let’s be smart. Love our neighbors and genuinely care for one another. Greed should not even be a consideration. And in all things be grateful, for God is ever-present.

I hope you enjoyed your coffee break with me today. I so appreciate you.

a warm, humid day in Casoli

Wishing you well from my home to yours…wherever that may be. ♥️


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