Running Away

Lake Michigan
June 2017

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life and it’s difficulties that you just want to hop in the car, get on Interstate 70, and head west into the sunset? That’s where I’m at today. I think a road trip is exactly what this girl needs. Would I be just running away though? I had to think about this.

I do know first hand, that running away is not the answer to problems. I ran away many times but mostly by drawing inward. I became sad and withdrawn. A recluse. A prisoner of my home and in my mind. Circumstance kept me there because I was weak. Those were darker days. Not totally dark, just darker. I had children who made me laugh and dear friends who cared about me. There were moments of happiness. I finally found the strength to change my life. I discovered the power was within me. Just like Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz”, I simply had to want it bad enough.

North Pier Lights
St. Joe, Michigan
September 2010

I did physically run away once. That’s how I discovered St. Joe, Michigan, and it’s lovely lighthouses. Located directly 60 miles east of Chicago across Lake Michigan, this little shoreline town instantly became my happy place. The water is majestic with its ever-changing personality. The sandy beach reminded me of Florida, with the roar of foamy waves, and awesome sunsets that would highlight ships off in the distance. Watching storms move across the vastness of the water is both scary and beautiful. The railway swing bridge over the canal is unique and fun to watch in action. The town is quaint and welcoming. The little bookstore and ice cream shop are two of my favorite places to visit, besides the piers, of course. Yes, I ran away once and found a treasure.

St. Joe, Michigan
June 2017

Yet, would I encourage running away? No. At least not in the manner which I did. The problems were all still there waiting for me when I returned to reality. The tension washed over me in waves as I began my drive home. I truly felt as though I was suffocating. So my venture was only a temporary distraction. It wasn’t a cure. I had no more answers to my life than before I ran away. Maybe I had even more questions.

Sunset over North Pier Lights
June 2017

But today would be different. I wouldn’t be running away. I’d be taking a road trip. I’m not running from anything or anyone. I’d be running to someone. And that person would be me. Kind of a continuation of my Maine trip last fall when I learned so much about myself. I’d simply be taking a break. Reflecting on my life. Rejuvenating my spirit. Refreshing my soul, and resting my weary heart. That way I could return to my life rested, stronger, and maybe a little wiser. I’m not wanting to escape my life like before when I did run away. No, I’m looking to be better at handling the life I have. That’s the kind of road trip I need right now.

Sunset over Lake Michigan
June 2017

Everyone needs a break from daily routine. This would be an example of taking that first breath of air from our oxygen mask before helping someone else. If you get the opportunity, go for it. Make it happen. Take some time for yourself. It’s not selfish. Connect with nature and find God’s healing power. Step out of your box and into the magic circle.

North Pier Lights
September 2010

Thank you for stopping by. I hope your new week is blessed and that you find a way to take a break from your routine. Even if it’s just a little coffee break with a friend. ♥️


2 thoughts on “Running Away

  1. Beautifully said Andi,

    Indeed, it is MORE than ok to take a break from the routine, have some time for oneself. It took me many years long years to learn this.. now it’s a necessary part of my life ❤️

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