Sometimes We Fall


So yesterday I fell at work. Yeah. Not fun. I was backing up and caught my heel on a piece of furniture and down I went on my back. I believe it was the S L O W E S T fall ever in the history of falls. Instantly my wrist hurt. Gradually, I felt pain in other places. And today I am stiff and sore.

Sometimes we fall.

I haven’t fallen in a long time. Physically, that is. I actually fear falling because I have a new hip. It scares me about the damage a fall could do to that. I’ve seen the x-rays. I see what’s in there. Yeah, I don’t want that coming apart and coming through. 😳 I fell out of my fuzzy slippers once and broke my finger. That wasn’t fun either. But the hip thing…yikes.

I have fallen in other ways that are not physical in nature, but hurt way worse. I bet you have too. This type of falling happens way more frequently than an actual physical fall. Some people won’t admit that though and I know a few of them. But guess what? They have. We all have fallen. It hurts to fall because pride is often involved. There may be repercussions related to our fall where others have gotten hurt as well. We don’t typically like to hurt anyone. We shouldn’t anyway.

Making poor or rash decisions can cause a fall. Not researching beliefs thoroughly while trying to beat those ideals into the brains of others can cause us eat a lot of crow later. And unless you are on a strictly keto diet, you might get tired of that. Our way or the highway. We can be wrong. Arrogance trips us up a lot. Lying, cheating, distortion of truths, all have ways of coming back around to bite right where it’s most embarrassing. 🍑

Let’s try to be better at catching ourselves BEFORE we hit the floor. My fall yesterday was definitely in slo-motion. I hope all your falls are in slo-mo so you can right yourself before ending up on your backside.

my brother’s framed behind

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