Two Reminders

my sunroom

It is Friday and the sun is shining! Plus, I have the day off. How perfect is that? I am looking forward to getting some much needed vitamin D!

Today I will post a couple of reminders for you to think about and hopefully, put into action.

First, take care of yourself. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Just like on a turbulent flight, you must take your oxygen first so you can care for someone else. It’s not selfish as I once thought. Make sure you fit in some “me” time. Go for a walk outdoors even if it is still chilly. It will clear your head. Your body will thank you as well.

Do you realize that our bodies were designed to work? Yes! Ride a bike. Work in the yard. Walk. Cut wood. Movement is good for you plus it stimulates the brain to function more efficiently.

Also, try to avoid certain foods, like processed foods, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. Food directly affects the mind and body. Be mindful of these things so you can have healthier body, better focus, and a more positive attitude. I admit that I struggle as I have a serious weakness for sugar. And I am an emotional eater. I failed yesterday. I failed terribly. But I won’t be discouraged. Today is day one…again. And I am happy that I have another day one!

Secondly, wherever you are and whatever you are doing this day, I hope you seek out ways to encourage others too. We never know what is going on behind-the-scenes in other people’s lives. So many suffer alone. Be that person to step out from your place of comfort and listen to what someone might not be saying. Be observant. Leave an encouraging note for your coworker. Make a phone call. Visit a neighbor. You will find blessings in helping others. It’s the little things that make the most difference.

But do try to include some type exercise and healthier eating in your day, even if you already messed up with that donut this morning! It’s okay! Just start from this moment. It’s all good!

I am wishing you a wonderful Friday!

And as always, thank you for sharing a moment or two with me.
And a cup of coffee.♥️


One thought on “Two Reminders

  1. This part below was good inspiration for me today. Another day one…. Such a simple concept… yet so profound and freeing! Living life as if each day is day one… is pretty awesome really. : )

    I failed terribly. But I won’t be discouraged. Today is day one…again. And I am happy that I have another day one!

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