The Things I’ve Learned

Today is my 62nd birthday. Yippee!!

I made it one more year!

What have I learned in the approximately 22,900 days of my existence on this earth?

Well, let’s see.

I have learned that not all love is the same.

I’ve figured out that my way is the hard way.

Golden retrievers have the best smiles.

She who laughs last…doesn’t get it. 🙋🏼‍♀️

Not everyone who is nice to me is actually nice.

There’s not much difference between when I cook or paint, as I have to shower after both. And clean the floors.

Life is not fair. Nor, will it ever be.

If there is trash on the floor everyone will walk around it.

Men are born knowing how to mow nice straight lines in their yard while mine looks like a corn maze.

Me and my Husqvarna

Every flat surface quickly becomes an open storage unit.

Cats and I don’t get along. Our attitudes conflict.

Turning the stove on high heat and then taking a nap isn’t such a good idea.

I’ve learned that my kids never liked squeaky eggs.*

Fighting my hair for decades was a waste of a lot of time. I should have just let it do its own thing, which is way easier. Duh.

When water boils out of pan of hard boiled eggs, surprisingly, the kids really don’t enjoy cleaning egg off the walls and cabinets on the other side of the kitchen as I run off to work.

I learned through the Pepsi Challenge that I really like Coke better.

Animals are often smarter than people.

Crystal, our Havanese

After having a three day weekend, Tuesday becomes the new Monday and it’s just as rough.

It’s not so much the vacation as it is who I’m with.

My daughter, Charlie, and I can scale a wall better and faster than most of the men in a Warrior Dash. I know because we did it!

I have learned that patience really is a virtue.

I figured out that every family has dysfunction on some level.

Slow, deep breaths really do help to calm my spirit.

A scarred heart can still love.

I’ve learned that not everything is about me.

Fisher Price’s Corn Popper is as old as I am.

I learned to embrace writing as therapeutic.

A best friend is priceless.

Dogs forgive much easier than people do.

I learned my heart can break in numerous ways.

I have learned much from my children by listening.

The true gift is in the giving.

I have learned that some people actually give without expecting anything in return.

The heart does not set a limit on how much it can love.

Life is extremely short.

L to R; Chelle, Mom, my friend, Taylor, and Dad. They were taken too soon. ♥️💔

Too much time is wasted on what ifs.

I have learned that overthinking is not in my best interest.

A heart can shatter into a million pieces.

I learned that I tend to forgive and forget too easily with some people.

Communication is key to a great relationship and humor is second.

I can still be shocked by information.

There are way more narcissists in this world than I ever imagined.

I realize that politics is really a game of chess between elites, and We The People are expendable pawns.

God answers prayer.

Listening to what others don’t say is sometimes more important than what is said.

When I don’t know how to pray for someone, the Holy Spirit does, and he graciously fills in the blanks.

Everything circles back and the old becomes new again.

I know that naps are why afternoons were invented.

I discovered that crocs can melt in the hot Indiana sun, and that trail mix will melt in my daughter’s hands when watching Captain America.

Love can mean something different to every person.

I learned that in my gullibility, I trust and believe every.single.person. To a fault.

Divorce is awful and children suffer.

There’s nothing wrong in telling others I love them. Only everything right.

A single phone call can change my life forever.

God continues to love me even though I’ve let him down. Over and over again.

Well, I could go on and on. These are just a few of the things I’ve learned. And, I have learned a lot. Some things are quite useful while others add just a little color to who I am. It’s funny what my mind wants to remember.

I have the day off and so do four of my children, so I will be spending this day with them. And I hope to eat a small piece of key lime pie!

One more thing I learned:

I can see God’s blessings in every day. I just have to look. ♥️


* Squeaky Eggs post:

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    1. Well, thank you! It must have been okay! I was hoping it wasn’t too long! I just kept thinking of things. I am still thinking of things I could have added. LOL

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