My Birthday Review

Blessed beyond measure with greetings from so many. Phones calls, cards, text messages and online wishes. I was able to spend all day with three kids out of six, and then a fourth stopped by for a short visit. He is on his way to Africa tomorrow so he had much to do today. The oldest son and oldest daughter live far from here but I could feel their love.

I received a very unique card from Kota Bear. It is a hug. I love it.

I sent the above picture to my daughter and Kota asked if I had “used it yet”.

So I did.

I made a fruit pizza this morning and it became my birthday cake. We skipped the key lime pie. I will fill that craving another day.

My youngest daughter decorated the house with streamers and confetti balloons, which keep popping on their own.

I had a very nice day. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I am blessed. ♥️


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