Having a Conscience

A friend of mine said he was at the store over the weekend when he came across a woman with a couple of young children. She was asking for help. So my friend walked her and her children around the store and let them shop. He said her children were loving on him the whole time. They got to the checkout and the bill was over $100. He paid and then followed them out of the store. This is where she proceeded to get into a brand new vehicle where her husband had been waiting for her and they drove off.


This is so wrong on MANY levels! My first thought was what are these parents teaching these children?! These parents have 0 conscience. And they are raising their children to not have one either.

I posted about the conscience a few days ago. A conscience is trained. It is taught what to believe by the things seen, heard, and taught. These parents are abusing their children. There’s no doubt about that.

Void of consciousness.
Only darkness in an empty soul.

All day today I’ve been faced with the reality of just how sinful our world is. It’s been one scenario after another. My heart hurts bigly tonight and I am in anguish. I grieve for the condition of mankind. And I wonder why does God keep this world spinning? I cannot handle just this one day from what I have heard, and he witnesses every bit of it across the globe…as it happens!

I just can’t tonight…💔

…..yet, there is a LIGHT of hope for all who desire something better. Jesus is the light in the darkness of this world. And as the world grows colder and darker, we need to cleave to him all the more closely. He is our place of safety. Our refuge. And our promise of heaven. ♥️


Photo: a tunnel on a pathway near my home.

5 thoughts on “Having a Conscience

  1. OMG! So the next time he is approached by someone who is truly in need he will think twice about helping them and they really do need help. He was being such a kind person and will now be jaded. Very wrong and sad.

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  2. Reminds me of once when I was in the grocery store and the lady in front of me had a cart full of expensive food, her 2 sons were wearing really expensive tennis shoes, and she paid with food stamps. Then I saw her selling the WIC milk and orange juice in the parking lot. 🤬😠

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    1. That happens all the time! And then I remember when I was desperate and tried to food stamps and they said I made $100 a month too much! I’m glad I didn’t get them as I look back. I always made ends meet.

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  3. The saddest part about the bad couple is they think they’re getting away with this. I’m going to pray that this incident really starts to bother them.

    I will also pray that your sweet friend remembers that God judges; he did the right thing, a wonderful kind thing and God sees that also. No one is with us when we meet Jesus and He reviews our life. That’s is a good mark for your friend!

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